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#Scintilla Day 9: 46

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23 Things of which I am Guilty (but will probably never change).

1. Dividing the world into two groups: those who like HBO’s The Wire and those who are too lacking in common sense, taste and finesse to like it do not like HBO’s The Wire.

2. Falling asleep with the television on (praise be for auto-switch off).

3. Eating the entire bag of almonds. Because I defy you to eat just one. Or five. Or 16.

4. Judging those who wear leggings as pants*.

5. Being automatically suspicious of most people I meet.

6. Wishing I had the power to cause spontaneous combustion with nought but a look (this usually occurs whilst driving or commuting via London Underground.)

7. Spending almost my entire weekend in sweatpants and a hoodie (oops, better stop this as y’know I might head out to my local corner shop and get shot).

8. Speaking gibberish to telemarketers before abruptly hanging up on them.

9. Finding Kim Kardashian and her ilk completely superfluous to the human race.

10. Checking Twitter first thing in the morning before even brushing my teeth or stepping in the shower (curse you, smartphones, for you have made this too easy.)

11. Arguing with the Parents Typewriter even when I know they are correct and I am being a contrary idiot.

12. Spending at least an hour a week planning how I will spend my inevitable lottery win.

13. Mentally condemning David Cameron to the ninth circle of hell.

14. Remaining prostrate in bed although my bladder is about to explode just because I am lazy I have put on my pyjamas and the bathroom might as well be on the other side of the world.

15. Finishing terrible, terrible books because I cannot seem to start a book and not finish it, no matter how godawful it is (Stephanie Meyer, I’m looking at you.)

16. Procrastinating like it is a sport and I am an Olympic competitor.

17. Going to sleep angry.

18. Waking up angry.

19. Eyeing those who, by choice, give up all sugar with a mixture of bewilderment and contempt.**

20. Spending too much time inside my own head.

21. Listening to Motown at high volume while working a comb through my ‘fro and make-believing that I am in the 70s and my name is Seraphina Salome.

22. Impulse buying.

23. Judging people by their favourite film (do me a favour and tell me yours; I will do my best to be kind *pained smile*).

And because the prompts were too wonderful to choose between…

23 Ways in Which My Body is Awesome

1. It is topped by a giant, soft afro which means I have a readymade travel pillow attached to my head. You’re jealous. Admit it.

2. My legs are unreasonably long and I love them. Despite not quite being at their former glory, they are still shapely and my best feature.

3. There is a gap between my two front teeth that I inherited from my mother that she inherited from her mother. My sister and aunts on my Mum’s side have it too and so we are all visually linked by a little gap. We’re gorgeous.

4. I have plantar fasciitis, belligerent knees (patella tendinitis), a discordant stomach but none of these stop me; my body adapts and heals so that I can live.

5. My chest is a built-in airbag should that of my car ever choose not to deploy. Praise be for generous bosoms.

6. My ears are too tiny to tuck errant braids behind but are not too tiny to sport big hoop earrings and shiny studs in a double piercing.

7. There are three birthmarks on my body – all identical minute black circles that seem to meander across my skin as and when they feel like it.

8. The brown of my eyes is so dark it is almost black and I feel that this makes me look vaguely mysterious and intimidating. What? Yes it does.

9. I can press 275lbs with my legs. Yup, I’d snap you like a twig between these thighs.

10. I have an African woman’s behind and love everything about it.

11. My eyelashes might not be very long but they are impossibly curly and make me look a little bit adorable (in the right light. And if I not scowling or threatening someone with violence.)

12. I have my Dad’s lips and everything about that man is awesome.

13. My skin, through a combination of favourable genetics and prolonged application of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, is soft to the touch and utterly kissable.

14. My feet are exactly the right size for my frame and height – not too big and not too small.

15. I am 5’9 (almost 5’10).

16. Every scar on my body tells an interesting story (most of which are tales of clumsiness).

17. My smile is rare but I have been told it is fetching. The jury is out on that one.

18. At one point, my body allowed me to do the splits (both box splits and right splits) and also to wrap my leg around my head. I can no longer do these things but the point is that I could and that, my friends, is a feat.

19. My eyebrows need very little tending; they grow in a natural arch. My wallet and feeble pain threshold thank you.

20. My stomach handily swells to the size of a watermelon whenever I overdo it on the pain au chocolat, thus acting as a warning that this is my future should I not learn self control.

21. My body tells me when I have been neglecting or abusing it by simply refusing to work properly until I alter my behaviour.

22. I once carted around an acorn in my hair for an entire day and didn’t notice because my hair was so huge.

23. I never need to tan. Ever.

* and don’t have the courtesy to at least cover their crotch/buttocks area with some type of long shirt so that I am treated to cameltoe/asscrack in all its horrifying glory.

** obviously, if your health depends on the complete expulsion of sugar from your diet then have at it. As for me and my house? We will consume it (in moderation) until the day the good Lord deems to take us.


Kim, Dominique and I created the Scintilla Project, a fortnight of story sharing. Day 9 (prompt a & b) – a: Talk about the ways in which your body is awesome and b: Write a list of 23.


  1. Kathryn Dyche Dechairo - March 26, 2012 16:59

    Thanks for making me smile and laugh out loud this morning. 14,15 and 16 definitely resonated with me in your first list. You look gorgeous in your profile pic and I think you rock.

  2. LGesin - March 26, 2012 17:04

    I recently admitted on my podcast that “You’ve Got Mail” is my favorite movie. Feel free to judge. Also, I sometimes wear jeggings. Perhaps it is a good thing that an ocean separates us.

  3. mark - March 26, 2012 17:36

    I giggled, guffawed and then cringed at the notion of being judged for my favorite film being ‘Casablanca’ because I have no farkin’ idea what you’ll do with that bit of trivia.

    Leggings will never be seen or even appear on me. Fat men and stretchy things don’t combine well. It is a visual assault to the senses….

    An acorn?

  4. Nikki - March 26, 2012 17:55

    So relieved that I’m not the only one who, when in LA traffic, wishes I could blow something up with my mind.

    Favorite movie? Remember the Titans. I’m a sucker for football movies that make me weep like a child…

  5. amanda - March 26, 2012 19:04

    I am VERY jealous of your eyebrow situation.

    My favorite movie is Jaws. Do with that what you will….

  6. kelly - March 26, 2012 21:19

    Ha, you make me giggle and smile and giggle some more.

    One of my favorite movies of all time is The Dead. Which is not at all what it sounds like.
    Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and Love, Actually are also favorites. Yes, I am a hopeless romantic. So?

    And you are gorgeous.

  7. KendraD - March 26, 2012 22:11

    Jeggings as pants are an affront to mankind that should be obliterated with all necessary haste. Seriously.

    I am jealous of your eyebrows and your feet of the perfect size. Very jealous. I’m not even sorry about it either.

    I actually don’t know if I could name a favorite movie. I have a lot of least favorites. But, I turn to books over movies every time. So where does that put me?

  8. M.A. Brotherton - March 26, 2012 22:11

    I do too many things on your list to ever judge you…

    Favorite movie: 100 Girls

    Judge me. I can take it. I CAAAAN TAAAAKE IIIIIIIT!

  9. Danielle - March 27, 2012 02:10

    #7 from your first list: I didn’t even click on the link. That story is horrible beyond all reason.

    On a lighter note, #16 from the same list: I, too, have a bathroom that is inexplicably far away. Why are houses built this way?

  10. Noel - March 27, 2012 02:36

    ONE: I love how you stitched these two posts together.

    TWO: I have always always always wanted long legs. Bravo to yours! And all the other things you mentioned … it’s awesome to read all of these responses and see the ladies be nice to themselves for a change.

    THREE: The Wire is amazing. I’ve watched it over and over (partially because I have a huge crush on Idris Elba, but mostly because it’s amazing.) But I’ll admit that i’m guilty of skipping over the season that deals with the kids, or parts of it anyways, because it always makes me cry.

  11. Tracy - March 27, 2012 12:47

    i love you carried an acorn in your hair as that is awesome and funny at the same time. my favorite movie of all-time is Rocky. it was first movie i saw in theater. i love all the rocky movies except for rocky v which we pretend does not exist. and i will always be jealous of your never needing to tan. i love you, dear friend.

  12. allison - March 29, 2012 19:08

    I always eat all the almonds (or pistachios). I have plantar fasciitis and patellar tendonitis and giant boobs TOO. I can never stop reading a book no matter how big it is. Someone gave me Season 1 of The Wire and now I know I will like it. I’m jealous of your eyebrows, though – mine are penance for something, I’m sure. Once when my kids were getting their haircut, the woman cutting Angus’s hair looked at me and said “you know, we wax eyebrows here. Seriously – I’ll do it right now”.

    La Double Vie de Veronique. I defy you to mock me for that.

  13. Sara Rose - March 30, 2012 17:23

    This my dear, this is Bad Ass and Beautiful. Just like you.


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